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3 Best Exercises to Lose Weight Fast

Exercises have been recognized as the “non-fail” factors for weight loss. If you want to lose many pounds of your weight then you should not missed up doing exercises. There are many exercises effective for losing weight but not all of them works. However, what would be the best exercise to lose weight? And among all the exercises which are the best exercises to lose weight quickly? Or have you tried exercising to lose weight before and it doesn’t workout any results for you? Or you are still confused whether you should go for diet before doing any exercises or maybe exercise first then follow by dieting or both starts at the same time? Well, no matter how many questions chalked your mind now, please take a minute or two to look at my three recommendations on the three best exercises to lose weight fast.

wimming provides total exercises for body and it is a total fat burning exercises for your body. Swimming is the best exercise to lose weight. I’m sure no body will against my statement. Based on many clinical researches, if you swim 100 m two rounds in swimming pool per day, you managed to lose about 10lbs in a single month. Some people like to swim in in-house swimming pool whereas some prefer to swim at seas and pools. However, no matter where you choose to swim, the purpose of practicing best exercises to lose weight served. However there are many swimming styles that consist of different effects on weight loss. What you should pay attention now is select the best swimming techniques that can get you slim down fast. Some swimming style full in training your muscle but not on “smaller” your size. You got to alert on this point and it all depends on whether you want to look “slim and fit”, “slim but not muscle fit” or “not slim but fit”. So far the best swimming style that helps in weight loss is free style swimming. The best period recommended for swimming is on morning and before breakfast. This session slot is considered the best time due to your body tissue is starting to activate and metabolism process just begins.

ogging effective for weight loss and it also helps in improving health condition. Jogging also has been recognized as one of the best exercises to lose weight. Many reputable instructors have called jogging as the best exercise to lose weight fast. Jogging also is a universal exercise for all no matter you are in elderly age or just start schooling. Some people choose to jog in garden and some prefer to jog beside seaside. Jogging strengthen your muscles especially when it comes to specific body part like thigh and buttocks. Jogging also is the best exercises for calories burning. As per calories knowledge, 2700 kcal will be discarding from your fat if you managed to jog for 7km at one glance. Besides, jogging also is a good cardiovascular exercise. It provides oxygen for your body. As what we know, oxygen used to construct ox hemoglobin which crucial for body blood circulation and metabolism. Means you will feel refreshing and happy if your body receiving more oxygen. Same as swimming, The best period recommended for jogging is either on early morning or evening.

Hula Hoop
Hula hoop practice has been called as the best exercise to lose weight especially when it comes to lose belly fat. Please don’t underestimating the effect of hula hoops on weight loss. So far, hula hoop can be considered as one of the best exercise to lose weight for women. Not everybody knows how to play hula hoops but it doesn’t require any specific skills for doing it. The beauty part of this exercise is you can choose when and where to do it caused it is fully “portable”. Hula hoop can be differentiated based on their materials, size and weight. There are either made of cane, steel or plastic. Some hula hoop has been covered with cushion for protecting the user gets injured during the exercises, especially on waist area. You only need to practice it for about 15-20 minutes a day for the doing this exercises.

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